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The professionals who can solve your problems about scrap, recycled resin pellets, and recycling machines.

Far East Network Co., Ltd.

Our company has been consistently engaged in the recycling business since 2005.
We are engaged in the business of purchasing waste plastics, selling recycled pellets, and processing recycled pellets on consignment.
We have a thorough understanding of the plastic recycling market and sell equipment for recycling plastic.
We also provide consulting services for companies that are planning to start a recycling business and for individuals who want to start their own business.

Services provided by Far East Network

Purchase of valuable waste plastics (pallets, PS ingots, stretch film, composite resin, etc.)

Valuable purchase waste plastic

Isn’t it more difficult than before for you to get valuable plastic scrap?

Our company, which has been in business for 14 years, processes the plastic scrap into recycled pellets domestically before shipping it to you, so you can continue to receive stable take-back, not unstable like mere scrap export.

Buying used pallets

We can buy pallets even if they are damaged or otherwise made of recycled materials.

Styrofoam Purchase

We have multiple sales channels to sell directly to users, and fast payment within 3 business days. Moreover, traceability for peace of mind.

Stretch film: Valuable purchase

Domestic material recycling with collection by route delivery.
Resource recycling through re-commercialization.

Laminate Film Recycling

We were one of the first companies to tackle laminated film, which is difficult to recycle because it is a composite material.

For plastic material recycling business operators


Extruder made by POLYSTAR

We recommend the extruder made by POLYSTAR, a Taiwanese manufacturer, based on our long experience in plastic recycling business. They are trouble-free and have excellent after-sales service. The quality and production capacity of the extruder is about 20 or 30% lower than that of European extruders.
But its cost performance is much more than half of European extruders, tow or three times!
Our company has been the exclusive distributor of POLYSTAR in Japan since 2016, mainly selling extruders for plastic recycling machines.

Crushers and grinding machines

Crushing and grinding may look simple, but it is a complex and deep processing process. We select the right crushers for the scrap you want to process. Proper crushing and grinding will make the subsequent process smoother.

Information on sales of used extruders and other environment-related equipment

Used extruders

We are selling used extruders, crushers and grinding machines. Our used machines are sold with (1) full maintenance and (2) with warranty.
So you don’t have to do any maintenance yourself, and these used machines can be installed and start production right away.

Twin Extruder

This is a twin-screw extruder made in Taiwan with excellent cost performance. Excellent for coloring, compounding, and kneading of fillers such as wood powder, talc, and charcoal.

Extruder Column

This is a column for those who are engaged in material recycling.
From very beginner individuals who are about to start recycling business to corporations who have already started their business or are starting a new business, you will find a lot of useful information based on our experience.

Screen Changer Revolution Laser Filter FIMIC

FIMIC laser filters

Even if scrap is cheap, if there is a lot of foreign matter, it is difficult to make a profit if people have to stick around to change screen filters.
On the other hand, if scrap with a lot of foreign matter can be removed continuously in a completely unmanned manner, large profits can be expected.
FIMIC, a long-established Italian manufacturer of screen changers, can help you achieve unmanned operation for high profitability.

Revolutionary Cost-saving Washing and Dehydrating Machine

Washing and Dehydrating Machine

Do you want to sell your waste plastic as a resource, but have given up because it is too dirty? You may think that washing requires water treatment and that the equipment and running costs are too high.
However, there is a washing and dewatering machine that can completely clean the dirt with only 30 liters of water.
There is a possibility that we can realize material recycling that we have given up on.

Various services

Consignment processing

This service is to process plastic scrap into recycled pellets that can be reused as molding material and returned to you. We also accept small orders.

Cleaning and grinding

consignment processing

Our service is to clean scrap that cannot be recycled due to contamination and return it to you. We can also provide specific gravity sorting.

Physical Property Measurement and Testing

We can provide simple measurement of physical properties of resins as an outsourcing service; what would cost 200-300,000 yen per specimen can be greatly reduced with simple measurement.

Resource Recycling Consulting

Our plastic recycling experts can help you build a resource recycling system, from turning your waste plastic into recycled raw materials to commercial products.

Sales of products made from recycled resin

Plastic Pallet Sales

We sell plastic pallets made of recycled resin. High quality and low price. We also sell reused pallets.

Resin Paving Board

We sell paving boards made of 100% recycled resin. It can be used to flatten uneven ground. Compared to steel paving slabs, it is cost effective.

Garbage bags

Environmentally friendly trash bags manufactured using 100% resin pellets collected from used stretch film and recycled.

Cooperation rather than Competition New Value-Added Creation Practice Session

Our Group is a study group of plastic recycling professionals with a variety of specialties.

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