Company profile | Far East Network Co.,Ltd.

Company name Far East Network Co., Ltd.
Director Kenji Murai
Address 〒160-0004  6th Floor Yotsuya TS building 4-31 Yotsuya Shinjuku Tokyo Japan
Phone +81-3-5919-4380
Business start date 2004 We started plastic scrap business
2005 We founded Far East Network as a stock company
Capital JPY63,000,000-
Staff 4
Contents of a business operation  ① Recycling Laminated film
②Selling and Exporting Recylced granules
③ ECO PLAS project(Recycled pllet business in China)
④ Colleting Plastic scrap
⑤ Agent of Plastic recycling machine 

Sun rise at Jhohgasaki Kanagawa Prf 城ケ崎海岸(神奈川県)

Director carrer

Mar 1992 Keio University graduation
Apr 1992 Joining Bank of Mitsubishi
Takadanobaba branch(Loan business)
Finacing Department(Head Office)
Gotanda buranch(Financing for Listed company)
1999 Left the Mitsubishi Bank
May 1999 Joining Senden Kaigi(publishing company)
working for Environmental Business magazine
Apr 2002 Left Senden Kaigi
2002~2004 Joining and working for Plastic recycling
Apr 2006 Started Plastic recycling business
Apr 2007 Founded Far East Network Co.,Ltd.

Director greeting

My first priority doing business for Recycling is to make our business protect Earth environment.
Plastic business is a part of the way to protect our beautiful earth. I know our company power is too small to change the situation. But I believe our effort could make some contribution for our earth environment.
It is very glad for me to meet up the friends in the world who can share same misson with us.
Please don’t hesitate to contact with us if you have same mission. Let’s work for the earth together!

>>> story of foundation the company(Japanese)

Mission of Far East Network

Beautiful earth for our chirdren

一、Contribution for the earth environment

一、Contributhin for the client through recycling business

一、Mentaly and economically Happiness for every staff and their family.

1)Contribution for the earth environment

We will choose the environmental business which has good effect for protecting earth environment direlctly. We will do what we can do now. We will do my best for our future chirdren.

2)Contribution for the client through recycling business

We will try to solve the problem which our client can’t solve. We have our own know-how for our recycling business. And it wi worth for our clients.
3)Mentaly and economically Happiness for every staff and their family.

We think company is for everyone who is related the company, staff, client, share holder, bank,or so.
We will try to provide good environment for the staff for working. And happiness is not only economically, but mentaly.

Contants of a business operation

1)Recycling Laminated film


Recycling the laminated film come from printing factory.

2)Selling and Exporting Recylced granules

Recycled granules, LDPE,HDPE,PP,ABS,PC,HIPS,GPPS or so.

3)ECO PLAS project

Recycling granules project with Hong Kong company.

4)Colleting Plastic scrap

廃プラ 買取
Collecting plastic scrap.

5)Agent of Plastic recycling machine

We are sole agent of Taiwan extruder maker,POLYSTAR.

Plastic recycling meeting and gathering

弊We hold the meeting every month for recycling proffesionals.
We get together and discuss about difficult issue.
Our mission is help and theach each other.

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